In his hands

French version : Entre ses mains

That day, he was wandering around the woods aimlessly. It was a habit of his. He loved to do that. He found that nature was best discovered without having a particular plan in mind, without knowing where you were going. The best way to visit a place was to get lost in it, as someone whose name escaped him had said. It was actually much more fun to discover places a bit randomly, going from one surprise to another. 

So he walked in the wilderness and took his time. Such a walk was worth its weight in gold to him. Some others, who obviously didn’t agree with him, often reproached him for disappearing for long periods of time, sometimes from sunrise to sunset. During the day, he wandered around in the wilderness, marvelling at each new find. That’s how he was. He loved nature and would have lived there full time if he had not had to work for a living. For to spend all day walking around wouldn’t have fed him. And then apparently keeping in touch with other humans was better, someone once told him. He still couldn’t remember who that person was. For him, plants were more important than humans. According to him, they were the most tenacious living beings on the planet, since they had managed to stay on earth longer than some species (aka the dinosaurs). 

So that day, he was walking around as usual when he saw it. Something that stood out well on the green of the leaves and the grass. Something that might not have come from nature. To tell the truth, he wasn’t sure. He bent down to examine the object that had caught his attention. But what was it? He’d never seen anything like it before. At least not in nature. Come to think of it, nowhere else but here. Was it something unique in the world? He took it in his hand, a little hesitant. What if it was a new form of bomb or grenade? What if that thing exploded in his face? In any case, for the moment, none of this had happened, which reassured him a lot. He took a closer look at him. 

It was some kind of glass ball or maybe a crystal ball. A rather fragile material, it seemed, in any case. He turned it in his hand. This object looked very familiar to him, but what? He searched for a moment, but couldn’t find it. How amusing! This object vaguely reminded him of a snow globe. Suddenly he almost dropped it, and caught it in extremis. At that moment, the earth beneath his feet shook. Slightly enough, but enough to make him wonder if an earthquake was coming. The ball slipped out of his hands again and he barely saved her again, but not without shaking. The earth shook much more violently this time. As soon as it calmed down, he started to run, still with the ball in his hand. He wanted to go home to see if it was a real earthquake. 

When he got home, he turned on the television. The journalist announced that the earthquake was happening all over the world and that no one among the eminent scientists knew what was causing such chaos. And then it had been so sudden! No one understood. He looked at the ball again. He shook it slightly. A strange idea had formed without his mind, but it was so crazy that he didn’t dare to think about it. The earth shook again as he did so, and his china cabinet fell to the ground in an abominable clatter of dishes and broken windows. Amazed, he felt dizzy. This object was not just an object! It was in fact a living representation of the planet Earth! It didn’t look like Earth, it WAS Earth. And it was him that caused all those tremors all over the world.

The current tremor made him lose his balance, and he let go of the ball. 

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