The forbidden room

French version : La pièce interdite

It had always been closed, ever since she was a little girl. What was in it, she didn’t know. No one had entered it for years, judging by the dust that covered the carpet in front of the door and the door itself. This room was a real mystery to her. Nobody ever talked about it, it was as if it didn’t exist, as if it had never existed. Yet the door was very real, she was certain of it. She had tried to touch it one day. But her father had almost caught her doing it, and she had never tried again. This room was a huge taboo in the family. No one ever referred to it, but she knew how they all felt about it. There was something wrong with this room. Its aura was wrong.
After her parents died, many years later, she visited her childhood home again. She had been away from it for a long time and now had her family next door, but she remembered the forbidden room and now that she owned the house, she could go and see what was in it without her father catching her. She went upstairs, determined to unravel the secret of the mystery room. She tried all the keys she had, but none of them opened the door. She asked a locksmith to intervene. He had to break the door down because the lock was rusty.
Finally, she was able to get in. There, in the room, she discovered a crib, a mobile, various toys… A complete children’s room, that is. But full of dust. And a newspaper article about the tragic death of a three-year-old boy. She’d had a brother who had died too soon.
This room was frozen in time…

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