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Money can’t buy everything. It was something that many people tended to forget.

In a castle located in such a mysterious country that was not written on any map lived a young girl and her parents. Her life was full of gifts, surprises, outings and fun. So her life was a perfect life for many girls her age who had never had the chance to live like that. But, for some reason that would have escaped all the girls who wanted to live like she did, she didn’t find her life perfect. Far from it. She didn’t like her life at all and regularly complained about it in her diary. And her unhappiness could be seen at any time of the day, so no one knew she was unhappy when they went to read it in her diary. It was too obvious. It was obvious.

Her parents showered her with gifts. Every day she had a dozen new things. And of course, this was to make up for the extremely frequent absence of her parents, who were sometimes not even around all year. Of the year! Of course, she would have greatly preferred that her parents were a little more present rather than only seeing them from afar and receiving more and more gifts. Moreover, these gifts didn’t make much sense because, since her parents never saw her, they were buying what they thought was good for a girl her age. But they didn’t really know her, and all the « trendy » things didn’t necessarily suit her.

Anyway, she was tired of her parents never being around and daring to offer her things to make her forgive them. One day, she fled the castle. Of course, since she had never done anything alone in her life and everyone was always passing everything to her, she found it hard to adapt to a life outside her parents’ castle. Fortunately, a maid she already knew from the castle helped her to get used to this new world and to hide from her parents. She soon opened a dressmaker’s shop, because if she was good at anything, it was sewing. No one ever found her and she lived a life where everyone appreciated her for what she had done, not constantly giving her gifts for no reason. Of course, happiness could not be bought.

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