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It was the long-awaited day for the schoolchildren. Announced several weeks earlier by the teacher, the career day was finally here.

That morning, she got up for once with a smile on her face. She hated school, but that day she felt she could handle it. For once, there was no blackboard, no lessons to recite, no exercises to do, and no interaction with the teacher. Because the class was going to receive parents of students so that they could present their trade. It was the teacher’s idea, an idea strongly supported by the students, who had obviously thought of the fact that thanks to this day, they would have a day where they would do nothing in class. According to the teacher, the goal was of course to introduce the children to the trades to make them want to do the trade later. Or not, it was the principle of discovery. And it was going to give the children an idea of why they had to put up with going to school (for those who hated it, of course).

So when she came to school, she was happy. They weren’t going to do anything today! They had spent all of the previous day’s recess discussing it in detail. All they would have to do was listen to the parent who was on the blackboard at that time, or at least pretend to listen for the less scrupulous ones. In fact, it meant that they would enjoy having adults on the blackboard instead of them, as they did every other day. They would then see who was the most stressed out of the parents. Of course, they would also see which job seemed to be the one they liked best, because that was still the goal of the day.

A first parent would come in, then a second, then a third, until about 20 parents were in the classroom. All in all, she thought, maybe it was better that the parents weren’t there during the school day. She felt oppressed just to see them, because they weren’t usually there. The parents would smile at their child, and often it looked embarrassing that they had waved to her.

She observed the parents. None of them were dressed in any particular outfit, so she couldn’t really tell what they were doing by looking at them. But it was just as well, it was a bit suspenseful.

The first parent spoke. He had prepared slides. The video projector in the classroom made it look pretty bad on the board. The colors were a little strange. But the ease of the speaker easily overshadowed this little problem.

The second parent had nothing to project. She managed to captivate the class with miniature models that she explained in a few clear sentences. She explained almost better than the teacher.

The third, on the other hand, needed to be reviewed. He babbled, stumbled on a table leg, lost his words, only his slides were very well organized. Fortunately, by the way, otherwise the children would not have understood anything.

The fourth had difficulty explaining his job, but he managed to hold the attention of the student who did not like school. His trade had a complicated name, but he simplified it by saying that he was a « Researcher. He was a scientist. At that point she began to see school in a slightly different way. She hadn’t suddenly started to like school, no, but she had made a plan in her head. She wanted to do this job later, and she had to go through school to do it.

So after that day, she worked a little more at school, especially in science, her favourite subject.

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