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Be strong, her mother told her every day. Be strong and never let anyone tell you it’s impossible. Anything is possible as long as you want it to be. Be strong and fight, my daughter. Everything we’ve gotten, we’ve fought for. Be strong. Don’t let anyone step on your feet. Be strong, you’ll see, it’s important. And everything you think is useless is still an action to move forward in this world.

Yes, going to school when you live so far away is a strength. So be strong and go. Too many children don’t have access to it at all. Going down dangerous paths, arriving only after hours and hours of walking, is their daily life. And they go. They don’t give up. This is their chance and they know it. Be strong, and persevere, like them.

Be strong by protesting like Rosa Parks. Let your voice be heard. Make the world move in a positive direction. Make your life the way you want it to be. You can do it.

Strength is not necessarily physical strength. It can be mental, and in this world it is worth its weight in gold. So be strong and spread your wings when you are ready. There is strength in everyone. You just have to tame it, to coax it. Be strong, said his mother. You will go far.

Be strong. Be strong, and ask for help if you need it. Being strong doesn’t mean being on your own. Asking someone else doesn’t mean failing.

Strength is many things.

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