Every night she went there. Every night she had to come home. Every night she hoped. And every night it was the same. She would look at the horizon, she would stay there for hours, and nothing ever happened. It never happened. So why did she come back there every time? Mystery. She herself wasn’t so sure anymore. What was she really waiting for? What did she want to happen? The more time passed, the more she was lost. She had hoped so much, and it had not happened. In fact, she was beginning to seriously think that it would never happen. She really wished that one day, looking at the sea from the beach, she would see something unusual. Something that would make her smile. Something that would make her run towards the water. Something that was just a dream. And dreams, we always ended up coming out of them. By waking up. Her dream, it imprisoned her. She came back every day to see if something was going to happen by the sea, making the water shake and disrupting her life. 

It had already been turned upside down for the first time, her life. She wasn’t sure if she could handle that kind of big change again. That was why she wasn’t sure she wanted something to actually happen. In addition to waiting every night, she would check every day to see if the ship carrying the food and letters had any mail for her. Of course, she could have waited for the city hall employee to make his rounds, but she didn’t want to wait. Tonight, she was still on the beach, and she was hoping. As always. That this person was going to come back. Or at least send her a letter. To give a sign of life after her departure from the island by announcing a quick return. This person had already left 5 years ago. And she was still waiting. Her life had stopped because of this person. 

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