The tradition

French version : La tradition

At the age of eighteen, everyone was given a mystical animal. It was tradition. Her friend had already gotten hers. She’d had an owl, an animal that’s actually quite common in this magical world. Laura had told her, and she had made a new enemy. Laura wasn’t afraid to tell her thoughts, and not many people liked people who said what they thought, even if what they said was true. Laura hadn’t had her pet yet. She hoped it would be at least a little more original than an owl. It wouldn’t be her choice, it would be chance, magic, chance and magic, or maybe neither, she didn’t know. Anyway, her birthday was coming up. She was going to be eighteen.

On her eighteenth birthday, she went to the cliffs, to the place where the tradition of handing over an animal occurred. She waited with those who were born on the same day as her. And, at the appointed time, animals came out of the magical fog that had formed. Each of the animals made their way to the person they were destined for. Laura had closed her eyes, like everyone else. She wouldn’t know which one it was until she was allowed to open them. Soon she felt a snout touching her fingers. She opened her eyes when she was given permission and came face to face… with a unicorn! The unicorn was white with purple hair. It was indeed more original than the owl! Laura smiled at the animal that rubbed its head against her hand.

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