French version : Vision

She was walking alone in the forest when suddenly she saw her. Her white dress formed a light stain that stood out among the trees. It was a very unexpected sight. She had been coming to these woods for a long time and had never seen anything like this before. Not a person like the one she saw, but the situation was quite strange. 
It was a girl in a white dress, or maybe it was her pyjamas, she was far away after all. She was holding something in her hand, something that hung pitifully beside her. Probably a toy. Something precious to her, so she took it with her to go for a walk in the forest with it. What was she doing there? Mystery. 

It was rare to find children alone in the forest. The parents usually watched them closely, which never really stopped them from doing something stupid. Where were this girl’s parents? She considered calling her, but she changed her mind. Why did she change her mind? She didn’t know. She tried to get closer to the little figure in the distance, but she couldn’t. For some inexplicable reason, even though the girl didn’t walk fast, she never managed to reach her. Yet she walked. But it seemed as if she wasn’t moving forward. She walked like that for a long time, trying to catch up with the child, without success. 

Exhausted, she let herself fall to the ground, closing her eyes for a few seconds. Immediately, she felt a kind of air movement grazing her cheek. Reopening her eyes, she only had time to widen her eyes before coming face to face with the child. The latter had a frightening head. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. It was the last thing she saw before her vision blurred. 

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