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He had been going around it for so long that he had forgotten when he started doing it. It was at that point. He was spinning in a space so small that he was practically spinning around. He kept seeing the same things over and over again, but that wasn’t the saddest part of the story. He would forget what he saw seconds after he saw it. So he constantly felt like he was discovering new things. Maybe that was the most pathetic thing.

He knew that he was living with a human who was taking care of him by feeding him and changing his water. But if not, that was what his life was all about: going around endlessly in a rather small space, without ever remembering that he had been there the day before, the day before, and also a few seconds before. What a life!

But sometimes things happened that were different from his interminable routine. Humans had other animals besides themselves, and sometimes he would meet more or less nice people with these other animals. For example, he had barely escaped death a few days before. For him, who had no sense of time, it was not a memory that remained in his mind, nor did he remember the day in which these horrible events occurred.

On that day, therefore, he was spinning endlessly as usual, when suddenly a huge scary face appeared in front of him. It was all deformed by the glass, which made it even more frightful. But he was not afraid. The shape behind the glass came closer again, and suddenly something came into contact with the water. Curious, he went to see, interrupting its infinite circles. He went to bump into the strange shape, amused to have a visitor.

Believing he had made a friend, he stayed close to the unknown form. But he became frightened when something long suddenly entered the water, almost hitting him. He went to hide at the bottom of the water, very surprised by the betrayal of the form, which had seemed friendly to him.

The human had seen that the cat was going to hurt him and he caught it before he could try to hit the fish with his paw again. The fish got an unexpected joker when its fate seemed to be sealed.

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