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Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had fields in abundance. He kept expanding his property because the crops were always good. He had inherited the farm when his parents died, and since then the farm had flourished. He had hired more labor, bought the properties of several of his neighbors, and now owned a large number of tractors and farm machinery to tend the fields. He had succeeded in life.

But one day, as he walked around his huge property, a huge explosion appeared to swallow up all his precious fields, spitting them out. But the damage was irreparable. All his property, all his fields, all the plants on them, everything had gone up in ashes in less than a minute. The rich farmer, former owner of a successful business (even the farm machinery had burned down and was unusable, unsaleable. ) fell to his knees in front of such a catastrophe. His life’s work! His whole life’s work! Everything was destroyed! How to pay the employees, how to pay back the few machines for which he had borrowed money, thinking at the time that the harvest would replenish the coffers enough to amortize this cost. Those machines had also gone up in smoke. Like everything else he owned. Only his house had remained more or less intact. His workers had been seriously injured, having been working in the fields at the time of the disaster. They wanted to ask for compensation. But the farmer could not pay for everything. And then the insurance company wouldn’t listen, because officially no weather event had caused this. The circumstances were unclear.

Somewhere in the sky, someone from another planet was being scolded. It was Giaof, a small alien who had borrowed his father’s saucer to go on a trip to Earth and brought it back dented and with an engine problem. When his father asked him if he had caused any problems on Earth, Giaof looked away. His father eventually told him that he had flown too close to the surface, having burned « a few fields » in the process. He had dented the saucer and wanted to leave as soon as possible after causing the disaster. The father was even angrier when he heard this. Not only had his son driven without a license, but he had also degraded the Earth!

The father immediately wanted to go to Earth to talk to the farmer concerned. The farmer didn’t believe them when they said they were from another planet and he threw them out when they wouldn’t pay him back. Giaof’s father was outraged by his behavior. He decided to kidnap him and implant an oblivion chip in his gums. The human then forgot everything that had happened. He was never reimbursed either by the responsible aliens or by the insurance company. In any case, the insurance company would never have believed him if he had told the truth. He had to sell his house and was riddled with debts for the rest of his life.

And you, do you believe in UFOs ?

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