His career was at its peak. Everything was going well. Really, everything was going great. Life was smiling at him. Everything was on track. At last. He had long hoped to become famous. And then one of his songs had suddenly become more famous than the others, making him a star, one of the greatest. His fans loved him, his songs were successful. He was invited to all the fancy parties. He knew all the celebrities who were on the rise at the time. He was constantly receiving gifts, letters, emails from fans. But then, what was wrong? At first glance, nothing. But he felt bad, in a way. He didn’t really know what was bothering him, but he cared enough to have his loved ones start noticing it. 

The pinnacle of a career was normally what every artist wanted. But he didn’t feel that way now that he had reached that point. Had everything become too easy? Too golden? Was he bored, after having wished for it for a long time? Did he finally not want this life anymore? Had he reached the peak of his career, a place envied by many artists, only to tell himself that finally it wasn’t for him? In the end, it was perhaps a weariness that had fallen on him. By the time he got there, he had gotten a little older, and the crazy schedules of an artist’s life were becoming a little difficult to manage. Constantly on the move, lost between time differences, always sleeping in a corner of the bus, he had perhaps lost his way. 
And so, at the height of his career, he decided to take a break to reflect, to refocus on himself, to decide what he really wanted. Because no one else could have known that. 

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