A new era?

French version : Une nouvelle ère ?

It wasn’t an end. It was the beginning of a story. But what kind of story? Would it be grand, insignificant? He didn’t know. It was far too early to tell. He’d find out later. Much later. When he’d lived through at least one chapter of it. Or maybe we could say he was starting a new chapter in his life. He’d embarked on it without even knowing what he was getting into. It was brave, though a little stupid. Yes, a clever mix of the two. The danger made it risky, the possibility of a new beginning made it positive. Who knew it was so easy to start a new chapter? If he’d known before, he would have done it much sooner. But that was the problem. In making that choice, the future was uncertain. Very uncertain. Mystery could bring excitement, but what it was hiding could also be a great disappointment. 
He played dice with his life, that’s what he did. He was putting himself in the hands of fate. He wanted to start afresh, in a new city, a new country, maybe. It would be a matter of chance. Who was he going to run into? Would it be someone good? He wouldn’t know until he met that person. Would chance do it right? Luck would probably have a lot to do with it. 
He’d really left everything behind. His home, his job, his routine. His family? He wasn’t particularly close to them, so to him, it was like he didn’t have any. He’d go off on his own, with a backpack and a slightly shabby hooded jacket for all his luggage. It was very risky to do that, and he knew it. He wasn’t sure why he was doing it, but he knew he had to do it. 
The sound of a horn violently dragged him from his thoughts. He saw that a car had stopped next to him and that the driver was trying to get his attention. The driver shouted:
– Hey, kid! What are you doing in the middle of the road? You’re causing a traffic jam and I’m going to be late for work! Go play somewhere else and go to school while you’re at it! I hear the bell ringing, hurry up! 
The child, frozen and surprised to have been taken out of his imaginary game so suddenly, ran off to his school, not wanting to be late again. He had already been punished several times for the same reason and was tired of having to copy lines. It wasn’t his fault that his imagination was overflowing! 

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