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Today, the family was going on a cultural outing. The two teenagers were not very happy to come too, they would have preferred to stay on the beach to sleep or play in the sea. But we couldn’t always choose what we could do in life, right? Their father had left them no choice, and now they followed their parents grumbling on the gravel path. The car ride hadn’t been fun either. They had spent their time ignoring their parents by putting their headphones on their ears. But visiting dusty castles was not their favorite activity. Far from it. Those two didn’t really like to read either. In fact, they preferred to be outside, rather than having to do indoor activities that seemed stupid to them.

After passing the ticket office, they waited for the guided tour to begin. The parents took the opportunity to rest on a bench, but their children kept grumbling. Eventually, they told them to go to the store to buy something. As they watched them walk away, they thought they could have five minutes of peace and quiet. But they were wrong. Their teenagers, who had definitely gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, returned shortly afterwards, complaining that a girl their age had pushed them into the store. The girl came to apologize, but said that they were exaggerating what had happened. She left. The visit began shortly afterwards.

The two teenagers were twins, a girl and a boy. Their interest changed a little during the visit. But not in the same way. While he was more interested in the outdoors and the gardens, she wanted to know more about life in the castle. The girl from the souvenir store, the one who had allegedly pushed them around, was also in the tour. The parents were happy that their children stopped grumbling and became interested in the visit. So they relaxed and let them come and go as they pleased, without really watching them.

During the tour, the twins decided to stop following the guide and go explore the castle as they wished. The girl who they said had pushed them around followed them and told them that they should not do that. But in the end, she just followed them, not trying any more than that to make them go back. She was curious, too. They learned her name was Fanny. During the visit, they had learned that the Dauphin, the king’s grandson, had lived in this castle. They did not remember very well which king it was, but they wanted to find the room of the Dauphin, because they had been told that this room was closed to the public because the tapestries were being restored.

They finally found what they were looking for. The door was not guarded, nor closed. Moreover, it opened rather easily, for a room forbidden to the visit. They entered one by one. Fanny examined the room, pointing out that apart from the tapestries, everything seemed to be in place. The Dolphin could have emerged from a corner of the room, that would not have shocked them. (but he had died many years before, therefore nothing of such was going to happen).

Suddenly, one of the twins started behaving strangely. He fell to the ground shaking violently. The two girls ran towards him, frightened. What was happening to him? After a few minutes, he stood up, telling them that he was fine. But he didn’t seem to be himself anymore. He spoke as if the room belonged to him, claiming to be the Dolphin. This went on for several minutes, with the girls looking at him as if he were crazy. ( and maybe he was, after all) Then Fanny took matters into her own hands. She grabbed the arm of the sister of the man who seemed to have gone more mad than mad, thinking he was the son of a king who had been dead for centuries. She got her out of the room, then she went in again and took the brother out the same way. When he crossed the threshold, he fainted. He woke up a few minutes later with his head resting on his sister’s lap. He couldn’t remember anything.

The parents of the twins, realizing that their offspring had disappeared, had started looking for them. They found them in the same corridor, dazed. The teenagers tried to tell them about their journey, but they did not tell them that they had entered a room that was off-limits to visitors, but the parents did not believe them. How could they be believed? The story was far-fetched. And the teenager who played the biggest role in it didn’t even remember it.…

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